avril 16, 2008


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One saturday night. I am whith somfriends at the bordwalk. Sam; always with his guitar and Mahefa wih his drum. We sing and laught together; the ambience is so nice. Very often, there is a lots of people in the place. Some boys who pass look at me like a flower because I’m the only girl in the group.

Far away, I see a man, he is so handsome. we know aech other from this morning. God he is alone !!! what to do ?

I moove sideways from the group; slowly like a cat. He approches, more and more I smel his cologne. Just his sent make me lihgt headed. I dream … Now I can see his face and…

Suddenly, a delicious smelt wafts to me. He is jalous, he wants to fihght his rival. Of cours I know it too; it’s my favorite thing. I can’t resist, I look arround me. It makes my stomach growls, I have to touch or to eat it righ know.

_ Please a kabab, a kabab !!!!!!!!I beg

Surprised a handsome man said :

_ Yes O.K !!!

I smel to him then we left. My friends laught behind my back; and said « Now you have your favorite kinds of meats: brochets and man. »

And then Sam yells: « and both of them are long !!!!».


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  1. Bon appetit zany kou in ndray moa 🙂

    Commentaire par simp — avril 16, 2008 @ 4:34

  2. ahahahahah
    this post is soo funny and tasty! I can’t wait to join you guyz on this bordwalk. I think I’ll beat any one of you at eating kebab lol

    Commentaire par joan — avril 19, 2008 @ 1:44

  3. Mmm… I want to eat a kabab right now. Your blog is very delicious.

    Commentaire par Lindsay — avril 19, 2008 @ 3:05

  4. Bonjour Zooboon,
    Très sympas ces posts de la vie quotidienne !!!
    Dommage je ne peux pas tout lire car je ne comprends pas le malgache mais les 2 autres posts m’ont plu.
    Juste un petit conseil : il serait bien d’essayer de choisir des catégories pour classer les post et surtout de mettre des tags afin que les gens qui font des recherches sur le web puissent trouver tes posts 😉
    merci pour la lecture et bon courage pour la suite…

    Commentaire par mariesophie — avril 23, 2008 @ 11:35

  5. […] Zouboon on love, men and …meat. […]

    Ping par The Purple Corner » Features » Let’s talk about … — mai 6, 2008 @ 6:20

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